EyeGlass Guide 2.0

At DeKalb Optometric we promise to take more than an hour to make your spectacles! Our optical laboratories utilize the latest technology in lens materials and computer controlled designs. These lenses are thinner, lighter, provide greater visual clarity and are a higher quality than anything previously available. This independence allows us to individually select the best lenses and options for our patients without the restrictions of “stocked” one-hour labs. These lenses are even available with a one-day turn around for those occasional emergencies. To read more about how these digitally designed, “free-form” lenses can provide you with better vision please click on the “free-form” links below.

crizal logoAdvanced antireflective coatings are now available for spectacle lenses, much like those used for fine camera lenses. These advanced coatings are much more scratch, smudge, fingerprint, and water resistant than previous antireflective lenses. If you have had previous generation antireflective coatings and were not happy with them we encourage you to give these advanced coatings a try. These coatings are particularly effective for reducing eye fatigue from computer use and driving at night. And, of course, these antireflective coatings enhance appearance by removing all distracting reflections from eyeglass lenses. As an added benefit, these antireflective coated lenses carry a 2-year scratch warranty.

transitional lensesPhotochromic lenses darken as you go from indoors to outdoors. They are available in almost all lens materials including “free-form” lenses. The lenses darken to a moderate shade of gray or brown and will lighten to perfectly clear again when you return inside or are out of direct sunlight. Please ask our opticians for a demonstration of these photochromic lenses.

crizal sunPolarized sun lenses are the very best when it comes to eliminating reflected glare from direct sunlight. They are especially appropriate for drivers, fisherman, hunters and all types of outdoor activities. Polarized sun lenses are available in almost all materials and colors including “free-form” lenses. Please ask our opticians for a demonstration of these glare eliminating polarized lenses.

Low Vision Devices- For our patients that have lost vision due to cataracts or retinal disease such as macular degeneration, we offer a selection of various designs of optically ground magnifiers and spectacles, which may benefit reading. Electronic or video readers that can be attached to the home TV are also available. In addition some patients may require devices such as telescopes, which we can fit for driving. Please give us a call and find out how we can help you see better.

Please visit one of our Free Form lens manufacturers below.